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Maine Grouse Hunting – Overview

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Grouse Hunting in Maine

Maine Grouse Hunting 2013

Northern Maine has an unheralded ruffed grouse population, it is a secret that many avid grouse hunters are becoming aware of. With hundreds of thousands of acres of commercial woodlands and thousands of miles of logging roads, an abundance of grouse will make your hunt successful and enjoyable. Terrain in the Allagash region consists of rolling hardwood hills, sweeping river valleys and countless streams and low lying wetlands. Due to commercial timber harvesting the age structure and composition of the forest is very dynamic which creates a consistent grouse population. There are remnants of old farms along the rivers from the first settlers of the region. Around the abandon farms and along the rivers it is common to find native patches of wild choke cherries, cranberries and thornberries. Maine has a liberal bag limit of 4 grouse per day, so bring an extra box of shells – you may use them all.

Woodcock are numerous in the Allagash region. With many clearcuts in the 20+ year old class and unlimited wetland areas many woodcock reside here throughout the spring, summer and fall. Knowledge of the territory and local habitats help to locate woodcock more consistently.

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