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Allagash River Trip

Allagash River / Moose

The Allagash River has been enjoyed by paddlers and sportsmen for over 100 years. Since the mid-1960’s the Allagash River has been preserved and managed as a State park. The many Ranger stations and Rangers that work along the river corridor assist paddlers, maintain campsites and character of the river. Several sights of significance are worthy of traveling to such as: polar ice caves, locomotives at Eagle Lake or Allagash Falls. With many access points you can choose a trip length and river section that fits your paddling style and we are happy to discuss the many options you have.Our Transportation service means that you drive to our base in the town of Allagash where the Allagash and  St. John Rivers meet, we will load your gear into our vehicle and drive you to the desired starting point on the river to start your paddle back to Allagash.  You have the choice to camp on our property, rent a cabin the night before your trip or drive in the day you arrive.Our Shuttle service means that you drive into your desired starting point with your vehicle and we drive it to Allagash or another location while you are paddling on the river.  In most cases we ask that you to mail a key to us prior to the trip along with a description of the vehicle and deposit.  Prices are based per vehicle with a discount for multiple vehicles.  Click on the Canoe Trip Planning page for more information and helpful links.

Canoe Landing / Locating Your Vehicle

As you paddle into Allagash you will notice homes on the left shore, the town road will be close to the river and you will see a guardrail along the road, paddle about 1/4 mile further to a landing on the left, that is where you should take out.   There is a sign on the left that says “White Birch Landing”, your vehicle will be parked at the landing, the landowner Debra, will charge $2.00 to land each canoe and $2.00 per day for vehicle parking.  The keys for your vehicle will be left with Debra.

White Birch Landing

White Birch Landing


Transportation Rate Shuttle Rate
$290.00 Allagash Lake / Johnson Pond – 7 days / 95 miles $205.00
$275.00 Chamberlain Bridge – 7 days / 93 miles $190.00
$275.00 Indian Stream – 6 days / 80 miles $190.00
$260.00 Churchill Dam – 4 – 5 days / 62 miles $175.00
$230.00 Umsaskis Thoroughfare – 3 days / 53 miles $160.00
$150.00 Round Pond – 2 days / 32 miles $105.00
$65.00 Michaud Farm – 1 day / 17 miles $50.00

Cabin Rental - cabins are available for rent on a nightly basis, the cost is $80.00 per night for 1 – 4 people, more than 4 add $10.00 per person.

Outfitting Package: includes canoe, paddles, pfd’s, tent, cooking gear, water filter and jug, tent, sleeping pad, gas stove, lantern, tarp, dry bags, cooler and ice, map, saw, trip planning, cabin before trip, transportation, camping fees, access fees and taxes.  Meals are also available at a cost of $35.00 per person per day.

Outfitting Package for 2 people:                                                       Package for 4 people:

2 days $320.00 each                                                                           2 days $220.00 each

3 days $380.00 each                                                                           3 days $255.00 each

5 days $440.00 each                                                                           5 days $320.00 each

6 days $470.00 each                                                                           6 days $365.00 each

7 days $495.00 each                                                                           7 days $400.00 each

• Allagash Wilderness Waterway Camping Fees: Resident $4.00 / Non – Resident $8.00

• North Maine Woods charges a one time access fee: Resident $7.00 / Non – Resident $12.00

• Chase Rapids: For a fee of $10.00 the Ranger will shuttle your gear and canoe around the rapids.

•Allagash Wilderness Waterway has special regulations on group sizes and boat dimensions, please visit their site for details:

• Canoe and Kayak rentals: we rent a variety of Old Town Canoe size and models depending on your need. All canoe and kayak rentals include paddles and vests, cost is $25.00 per day per boat.

• We are located ½ mile from the confluence of the Allagash and St. John Rivers, parking during your trip and camping on our premises is free.  Parking at the local private canoe landing, White Birch Landing” has a fee of $2.00 per day

  • Canoe Reservation Form
  • Reservations can be made by filling out this form and mailing a $50.00 payment to Allagash Guide Service, 928 Allagash Rd., Allagash, ME 04774. Or a $50.00 deposit can be made by calling us with a credit card. The balance of your payment is due upon arrival in cash, check or credit card. ANY CREDIT CARD PAYMENT MADE GREATER THAN $50.00 CARRIES A 3% FEE.
  • River & Starting Point

  • Transport / Shuttle
    Please select your preferred starting point
  • Allagash River
  • St. John River
  • Vehicle Shuttle Information - multiple vehicles receive a $10.00 discount per vehicle

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